Nordens ledande leverantör av mobil access

Parakey utvecklas och produceras i Göteborg och kan därmed stoltsera med uttrycket: "Made in Göteborg". Vi erbjuder marknadens bästa lösning för att öppna låsta utrymmen med en smartphone och berika tredje parts produkter med mobila nycklar.
Parakey grundas av fyra Chalmerister som tröttnat på krångliga passager
300 000
Unika användare som använder Parakey för att öppna låsta utrymmen

Möt Parakey-teamet

Det är vi som gör det möjligt att smidigt tilldela mobil access och öppna låsta utrymmen med en smartphone som nyckel.

Jonas Arvidsson

CEO & Co-Founder
🤓 Tech geek that's always looking for new challenges

Marcus Andersson

CPO & Co-Founder
🛠 Our swiss army knife, doing everything from developing apps to accounting

Peter Wegdell

🤝 Our wisest sales guru, making our customers even happier!

Erik Barrefors

CTO & Co-Founder
Always up in the ☁️ making it possible to send 1000:s of mobile keys in seconds

Emil Janitzek

Head of Engineering - Core
🍻 Parakey's own beer brewer, master chef and head of engineering

Denice Wijk

Customer Success
🍦 Parakey's biggest ice cream fan, a service minded people person

Hanna Magnusson

Customer Success
Tech savvy customer service pro, never turns down a great concert 🎵

Jovan Velkoski

Parakey's design expert, championing for exciting and engaging UX and UI 🍑

Bjarne Gelotte

👀 Curious software engineer with focus on Android

Niklas Vågstedt

Embedded specialist who is obsessed with Star Trek 🐸

Jakub Dudek

Owner of two Catherine's Parake(y)ets and a brilliant developer's mind 🦜 

Andrée Rehnberg

Cat-loving fullstack developer who makes access management as fun and easy as can be 😻

Daniel Roos

Guitar-playing fullstack developer who likes to breathe in the fresh forest air 🌳

Carl Johan Mangelus

Head of Partnerships
Experienced entrepreneur passionate about business, innovation and ABC (Always Be Closing) 👊

Magnus Wretbring

Head of Sales
Our charismatic senior salesguy based in Mälardalen, always chasing his next deal - and next meal 🍽

Stina Hermansson

Marketing & Communications
Crazy cleaning and dog lady 🧹🐶, passionate about marketing analysis and creating amazing events

Mikael Lundvall

Operative Product Expert
Stockholm based multitasker. Product expert by day, soccer coach by night. 🛠

Joakim Björkman

🥊 Our toughest fighter and former land hockey pro, provides knockout-great client engagement

Emma Lööf Björnram

🎨 With love for art and musical theatre, a warm and lively master of customer relationships

Karin Danielsson

Our sales ess from “Island-land” (Öland) who laughs her way through life 🏝

Cenny Davidsson

Our own Maverick, always in the danger zone ☠️ looking for next line of code to delete

Jacob Gavin

🏅 Master of UX making it as easy as pressing a button to send 1000:s of mobile keys

Eric Franklin

Developer & Co-Founder
💡 Embedded electronics guru that has his very self-built CNC-mill in his living room

Hanna Dahlström Språng

Head of Customer Success
🥳 Parakey's own afterwork-fixer-upper, happy pill and deal closer

Cécilia Rubinstein

Marketing & Communications
🤳🏻Marketing strategy enthousiast making sure our website and social media is full of great content

Lars Levin

Born and raised in access control, our Southern senior sailing and sales star 🌟

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