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Parakey removes the need of keycards and tags to open doors, gates and turnstiles in favor of your own smartphone.


Parakey makes businesses access control system smart. It is built up by three things; a cloud service, small hardware and an App.

The Cloud

The Cloud service safely holds, manages and distribute all the digital keys into users smartphones.

The Hardware

The small and nimble hardware retrofits in to every existing or newly installed access control system.

The App

The App gathers a user's accesses and open doors within the App or via location based notifications.

Replace keycards and tags in favor of users smartphone.

The smartphone becomes the keychain

The App is designed to be simple, smart and powerful. There is a magic blue button that opens the door you are standing next to if you have access to it. The App presents relevant information to you depending on location, such as news feed.

Tired of opening Apps? - Don't worry! Location based notifications will let you open doors instantly from your lock-screen.


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Marcus Andersson


Up in the Clouds making it push accesses to people

Jonas Arvidsson


Professional gadget n3rd with many crazy ideas

Erik Barrefors


Caffein addict, workaholic and goes under the nickname Barre

Eric Franklin


Rents an apartment big enough for his own gadget workshop.

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