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Tired of waiting in line or fiddle with tickets?
Our technology lets you purchase a ticket in your smartphone and let your self in through the entrance gate.

Main features

Our product distribute tickets instantly straight into the users smartphone.
Parakey can easily be intergrated into already existing gates, doors and turnstiles.

Cloud based

No more hassle with expensive hardware, servers on site and high maintenance. Parakey simplifies all this hassle with our easy-to-use Cloud service.

Easy setup

Install our small hardware into an existing entrance gate, pair it with your Parakey cloud profile and you are good to go.

Smartphone = Ticket

The visitors smartphone becomes their ticket into concerts, amusement parks, sports events etc.

Replace boring paper tickets and QR-codes with Parakey.

Let the Cloud do the hassle for you

The Cloud service reduces both the need of expensive hardware and maintenance.
Handling tickets have never been easier. The Cloud pushes a digital ticket to the visitor's smartphone when a ticket purchase is successful. You as a amusement park, arena och event host don't need to do a thing. To get detailed statistics of visitors, entrances and tickets just head over to Parakey's administration webpage or app.

Smart and nimble hardware

Our hardware can fit into the smallest spaces and can be retrofitted in existing systems. The hardware is the bridge between the owner's facilities and visitors smartphone.
The hardware opens the entrance gate, door or turnstile when the visitor has a valid ticket.

The smartphone becomes the keychain

The smartphone just became the ticket to the user's everyday life. The Parakey App has the ability to open closed entrances with either a click in the App or proximity.


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